DIY Glitter Dinosaur Wreath

What can I say? I love hot gluing things together.

diy christmas ornament wreath

Even though I’ve been making lots of ornaments and other Christmas crafts for other people I’m not feeling very Christmassy this year. I don’t have a full sized Christmas tree but I loved these glittery dinosaur ornaments from Target. I had the idea to put them on a wreath so I can still enjoy them. (I found these similar dinosaur ornaments on Amazon.)

I started with a wreath base with tinsel and ornaments already attached. (Similar here but I got mine secondhand at the thrift store.) I used some rainbow tinsel garland to make the wreath look fuller, I used my hot glue gun to attach the garland to the wreath. (Check out this related post, No More hot Glue Burns!)

diy tinsel wreath
I’m so sorry for the craft jizz on my mat. It’s PROBABLY dried mod podge but it looks vulgar.

I was trying to work with what I had on hand so I went into my collection of vintage Christmas ornaments and pulled out some of these cute little wrapped gifts. (Similar here.) The green dinosaur on the right is also from my ornament collection; I think he was from Five Below last year.

dinosaurs for wreath

Attaching the dinosaurs to the wreath was pretty easy. I cut off the silver string they come with and used some floral wire to fasten my little sparkly friends to the wreath. The tinsel hides the wires really well.

As I’m making a wreath I like to hang it up to see where all of my elements are going to lay. This helps fill in any thin spots. Also when you’re working with heavy pieces like ornaments it’s best to check your work as you go to make sure everything is laying where you want it.

diy dinosaur christmas wreath

I also added tiny Santa hats to my dinosaurs. I think this helps them stand out against all the colors in the wreath. And look at how much more festive they are with a little hat!

I used the standing dinos to my advantage and gave each of them a little gift to hold. For the quadrupeds, I attached gifts above and below them. The stegosaurus looks like he’s carrying it on his back!

dinosaur tinsel wreath

I finished off the rest of the wreath with more ornaments in different colors and glitter styofoam balls, usually sold as vase filler.

To hang it, I used some gray velvet ribbon. You can use pretty much any ribbon as long as it isn’t stretchy. I tied it to the wreath base and added hot glue for extra security.

target glitter dinosaur ornaments

For next year I think I’ll go through my stash of tiny plastic animals and add some smaller dinosaurs and more wrapped gifts throughout.

This wreath is for me but you can see the wreaths I have for sale in my Etsy store.

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