Grass & Ass Resin Rolling Tray

My friend asked me to make her husband a very special anniversary gift: a rolling tray with a picture of her butt in it!

custom nude photo art

Nudies and weed are two of my favorites so I went a little wild with this tray.

This was a fun one to make! All of the elements I used were inspired by the photo she sent me. I played off the colors in the photo and settled on a color scheme of black, white, purple, and pink.

custom resin tray

To make this tray, I poured the edge first. It is black resin I dyed with alcohol ink mixed with some green iridescent glitter and star shaped confetti.

I planned the layout in advance so I could layer the confetti, flowers, and image.

glittery rolling tray

For the back I used the swirling technique I outlined in this post to get the satiny effect. I was going to initially do some wacky color combination swirled together but this neutral background helps all the elements stand out.

Finally I added the lettering on the front with my favorite textured vinyl. It looks so cool in resin. When I poured the back I made sure to have some elements in that blank space at the top for my lettering to sit on. This is also when I added in some pot leaf shapes made from iridescent blue/brown vinyl. This helped me fill in any gaps and even out the design.

custom photo rolling tray

I like to call my art style ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, but it’s really good shit. If you’d like your own nudie tray send me a message to coordinate. It doesn’t have to be a nudie photo, regular is fine. Please don’t just send me nudie photos; that costs extra.

Here’s a list of what I used:

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