7 Handmade Plus Size Halloween Costumes You Can Buy on Etsy

We’re a few days into October so it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes! If you’re Halloween-obsessed like me, you’ve been planning your costume for a while now. But now that we’re in the home stretch, it’s time to finalize your plans! If you’re not much of a DIY-er, but want something more unique than what you can find at a big box store, here are seven great handmade costumes that you can purchase on Etsy.

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Etsy Treasury 2.0: Gifts for Your Witchy Valentine

I really miss Treasuries on Etsy! The feature allowed users to make curated collections, or Treasuries, to share with the Etsy community; these hand-picked lists of items generally followed a theme. The best Treasuries had interesting, multi-faceted themes. Seeing what cool combinations other users thought up was fun, and discovering new shops was an added bonus!

Treasuries were discontinued in October 2016. You can still see the existing Treasuries here. Miraculously, some of the items in are still for sale more than a year later!

So, this is my independent Etsy Treasury 2.0. All of the photos used here come from the listing for the item. None of these are affiliate links. These are just things that I came across in my virtual window shopping.

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