Merry Kewpsmas!

This year I decided to do something a little different with my mantle for Christmas. I collect vintage toys, and I like to incorporate them into my holiday decorations. This year I was inspired when I came across someone’s old Kewpie collection at a local consignment store. I was just going to clean them up and sell them in my Etsy store, but I decided to dress them up for Christmas!

I usually dress up some of my toys for Christmas, but just with little Santa hats. This year, I went all out and gave every single one a costume or a prop. Here’s how I did it:

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What to Do on Christmas When You Hate Christmas

Christmas isn’t for everyone. Whether you don’t have family, don’t get along with your family, or follow a religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you may not feel very jolly this time of year. I get it; I haven’t spent a holiday with my family in about 10 years for various reasons. Here are seven things you can do on December 25th to make it suck a little less, based on my own experiences.

My scary Santa, strangely the second or third scariest Santa in my apartment.
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8 Fantastic Cryptid Gifts You Can Buy on Etsy

Cryptids are creatures whose existence is passed on through legends and folklore but is never scientifically proven. Cryptids are becoming more and more popular these days, showing up in all corners of pop culture including movies, books, and podcasts. None of these are affiliate links, just things I came across on Etsy that I liked!

Here are 8 cute and creepy cryptid-themed gifts you can buy on Etsy:

  1. Sasquatch Santa Primitive Wreath from OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy

orangedogcrafts sasquatch wreath
Source: OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy

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5 DIY Holiday Gifts That Are Pretty Much Just Paper

It’s frugal and fun to make gifts for everyone during the holidays, but sometimes the supplies can get expensive. Paper is easy to customize. readily available, and inexpensive. When choosing paper for these projects, you can use scraps of wrapping paper, origami paper, scrapbooking paper, maps, photographs,  vintage books and more.

Here are 5 holiday gift DIY tutorials that are mostly just paper with minimal extra supplies:

  1. Personalized Letter Ornaments from ModPoge Rocks Blog

MPRB letter ornaments

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5 DIY Advent Calendars That Couldn’t Be Easier to Make

We’re only about a week away from December so it’s time to buckle down and get started on holiday crafts! Advent calendars are a fun way to get into the holiday spirit AND give yourself (or a loved one) 24 little gifts. These 5 DIYs are ridiculously simple, and you probably already have the supplies lying around.

Here are five DIY advent calendars that couldn’t be easier to make:

  1. Branch with Hanging Packages by Lapin Blu

LapinBlu branch & Packages

This is so festive and wintry, and is made mostly with things found in nature!

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