Five Craft Supplies You Can Steal

OK.. We all know that stealing is wrong.

A huge disclaimer: stealing ANYTHING from a small business is bad, even small things like disposable silverware. Keep your sticky fingers limited to big box stores and chain restaurants.

That being said, here are five craft supplies that you can steal:

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Needle Felted Cats from Cat Hair

I recently picked up needle felting again. The supplies are fairly inexpensive, and it’s such a versatile craft.

I had posted pictures on my Instagram of a few little critters I made. (You can see a sheep I made here and a little gray kitten I made here.) My friend had a great idea and asked me to make his cats out of their fur! I did some Googling but didn’t find any good information about felting with pet hair. I do know that you can use roving to felt on pretty much any fiber, so I figured I’d give it a go! He sent me a bag of cat hair and I got to work.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures to make a full tutorial, but here are the finished kitties:


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