5 DIY Holiday Gifts That Are Pretty Much Just Paper

It’s frugal and fun to make gifts for everyone during the holidays, but sometimes the supplies can get expensive. Paper is easy to customize. readily available, and inexpensive. When choosing paper for these projects, you can use scraps of wrapping paper, origami paper, scrapbooking paper, maps, photographs,  vintage books and more.

Here are 5 holiday gift DIY tutorials that are mostly just paper with minimal extra supplies:

  1. Personalized Letter Ornaments from ModPoge Rocks Blog
MPRB letter ornaments
Source: ModPodgeRocksBlog.com

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5 DIY Advent Calendars That Couldn’t Be Easier to Make

We’re only about a week away from December so it’s time to buckle down and get started on holiday crafts! Advent calendars are a fun way to get into the holiday spirit AND give yourself (or a loved one) 24 little gifts. These 5 DIYs are ridiculously simple, and you probably already have the supplies lying around.

Here are five DIY advent calendars that couldn’t be easier to make:

  1. Branch with Hanging Packages by Lapin Blu
LapinBlu branch & Packages
Source: LapinBlu.com

This is so festive and wintry, and is made mostly with things found in nature!

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Five Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costumes You Can Thrift

There are only about 2 weeks until Halloween, but there’s still time to thrift a great plus size Halloween costume! Here I’ve compiled a list of ideas for simple pieces you can find at nearly any thrift store that will make great costumes with a little alteration or addition of accessories.

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Easy Table Runners with Bias Tape

On a recent trip to Steve’s Sewing in King of Prussia, I found this great moon print fabric from the Santa Fe collection by Cotton and Steel Fabrics. I thought it would make a great table runner for Halloween! I can also use it on my altar later in the year.


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Five Craft Supplies You Can Steal

OK.. We all know that stealing is wrong.

A huge disclaimer: stealing ANYTHING from a small business is bad, even small things like disposable silverware. Keep your sticky fingers limited to big box stores and chain restaurants.

That being said, here are five craft supplies that you can steal:

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Magic in the Mailbox: Ostara Edition

It certainly doesn’t feel like it here on the east coast, but it’s officially spring! Ostara was Tuesday March 20th. It was also the first day of our most recent snowstorm, the fourth this month!

I was snowed in and wasn’t feeling very springy, so I kept my celebration small and quiet. I did some light cleaning around my apartment. I lovingly planted some tomato seeds. I cleaned and freshened up my altar, which I keep in my living room.


(It’s pretty much just my Imbolc altar, but with bunnies, eggs, and tulips.)

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Needle Felted Cats from Cat Hair

I recently picked up needle felting again. The supplies are fairly inexpensive, and it’s such a versatile craft.

I had posted pictures on my Instagram of a few little critters I made. (You can see a sheep I made here and a little gray kitten I made here.) My friend had a great idea and asked me to make his cats out of their fur! I did some Googling but didn’t find any good information about felting with pet hair. I do know that you can use roving to felt on pretty much any fiber, so I figured I’d give it a go! He sent me a bag of cat hair and I got to work.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures to make a full tutorial, but here are the finished kitties:


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